Creases Like Knives recensisce il nostro album “Slasher”

The Unborn: Slasher - Street Punk Anthems

Il blog inglese Creases Like Knives recensisce il nostro album Slasher – Street Punk Anthems!

This Italian outfit is a horror Oi band of sorts, but instead of taking its cue from Attak’s deathless Zombies album – one of the greatest shitty punk records of all time – it combines the B-movie loving attitude of the Misfits with Nabat-like shouty vocal lines and heavy, hard-driving punk sometimes bordering on hardcore. The identities of the band members are shrouded in mystery, although the voice strongly resembles the singer of an important band from the 90s Italian skinhead scene… Either way, the band clearly loves the 80s, when MTV metal and VHS nasties such as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but also homegrown fare like Dario Argento’s Profondo Rosso, were the staple diet of Italian teenagers.

Occasionally the heavily processed guitar plays lines that wouldn’t feel out of place on Motley Crue’s Shout at the Devil. While I’m not normally a fan of these kinds of deviations in punk rock, I can tolerate the citational way in which they’re being indulged here. Slasher is a relentless, hard-driving punk album and great fun. However, I have my preferences and want the band to minimise American themes and expand on Italy’s cultural legacy in the future. That is to say, more Fulci and Death SS, less Wes Craven and WASP – excuse my cultural nationalism.