American Oi! ha recensito “Apoi!calypse” 7″ EP

The Unborn - Apoi!calypse 7" EP

Il sito American Oi!, che aveva già parlato dell’edizione su cassetta di Apoi!calypse, inserendola pure nella top 10 del 2017, ha recensito anche la nuova versione 7″ EP:

Originally released on cassette in the summer of 2017, “Apoi!calypse” – the second release by Italian horror-skins The Unborn – is finally out on vinyl!

It took a while, to say the least, but as I already wrote in my review on the tape-version of this EP, both the music and artwork deserved a transmission to vinyl, so I am glad that it came out after all!

Because despite that cassettes are a neat, often needed format, nothing beats its bigger, stronger brother – vinyl. Obviously this is the case with “Apoi!calypse” as well. The artwork by Giorgio Santucci is larger so it can be fully appreciated, while the glooming, apocalyptic Oi! music of these masked annihilators is delivered in its full weight!

Obviously I already wrote about the music of “Apoi!calypse” in my previews review, which you can read here. In addition I can tell you that I still enjoy the four songs of this EP very much and even better than before, thanks to the fact that it’s now out on vinyl.

No less than five labels – Skinhead Sounds!, Oi! The Nische Records, Rusty Knife Records, Tuscia Clan and Anfibio Records – were involved in the production of this release, so take a pick and grab yourself a copy today! Tomorrow might be too late…

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