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The Unborn
Picture by Michela Midossi

About The Unborn / Chi siamo

EN: We formed our band in late 2015. We are from Viterbo, Italy. Our musical influences include street punk, Oi! and hard rock. We are inspired by different genre films such as horror, thriller, giallo, noir and post-apocalyptic sci-fi. Current line up: The Shape (voice), The Blob (guitars), The Stranger (bass), The Cannibal (drums).

IT: Ci siamo formati alla fine del 2015 a Viterbo. Le nostre influenze musicali comprendono lo street punk, l’Oi! e l’hard rock. Ci ispiriamo al cinema horror, thriller, giallo, noir e alla fantascienza post apocalittica. Line up attuale: The Shape (voce), The Blob (chitarre), The Stranger (basso), The Cannibal (batteria).

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